Wide Bands

The Greater Curve Wide has a center width of 9mm and can be modified intraorally or extraorally
  • Extraoral Modifications

    Trimming with cuticle scissors to modify for a deep proximal box

  • Finished triming with cuticle scissors

  • Modified utilizing composite finishing carbide for deep mesial and distal proximal boxes

  • Completed modification

  • Wide Band on a posterior molar

    #19 deep subgingival distal box prep

  • Greater Curve Wide in place

  • Most of the shaping completed with the matrix in place

    This helps guide the finishing carbide. Makes for easier matrix removal.

  • Final restoration #19


    Apple core preps #'s 8 & 9

  • Greater Curve Wide placed over #9

    Triad Gel over #'s 6 & 7 secures retainer

  • Greater Curve Wide cut back to provide access

    Modification made intraoral. Note excellent isolation.

  • #9 ready for shaping

  • Advantages to leaving the matrix in place when doing initial shaping

    1. The matrix helps guide the fluted carbide as you trim both composite and stainless.

    2. Helps prevent inadvertent gouging.

    3. Makes for easier removal of the band.

  • Final restoration #'s 8 & 9