Diastema Closure


17 year old female, due to her age I wanted to do something reversible.

This case was done with Filtek Supreme. I like this composite because I'm not seeing bubbles within the composite. I just hate back filling little voids after a restoration has been finished out.

Straight On

Straight On

Left View

Left View

Right View

Right View

  • Greater Curve Standard in place

    Mesial 1/3 of #8 lightly roughened with a coarse diamond. Greater Curve in place. Matrix is subgingival and exposing subgingival enamel

  • Filtek Supreme is pushed into the unfilled resin flowable mixture

    Sequence: Etch, unfilled resin, Artiste Flow A1 and Filtek Supreme Ultra A1 Body

    All composite cured at one time

  • Composite after band removal

    I desire to have excess composite to shape. Gives me ample composite to shape so 1) I can control the emergence contour, (2) get the midline parallel to the long axis of the face, and 3) adjust so 8 & 9 will have the same width

  • #8 completed

  • Width and midline check

    Before I bond #9 I quickly place unbonded composite on the mesial of #9 to see if I have the width and midline correct. Takes seconds to do. This way you know it will look right

  • Contact point marked

    Greater Curve placed around #9 and marked the contact point with an explorer and remove

  • Contact cut away

  • Matrix in place

    Matrix placed.

    Teflon tape placed. (Teflon tape optional. I place it when I can do it quickly.)

    Sequence of composite placement the same as for #8.

  • #10 space was too large for the Greater Curve to traverse

    To get the matrix to warp further, a slot was cut at the distal, and the retainer was rotated into the tooth. Rotating the matrix makes the mesial portion of the band flare more toward the distal of #9. Triad Gel used to lock the rotated retainer in place. I also cured the flowable while holding base of matrix against the adjacent tooth with an explorer. I then placed the Filtek Supreme to complete the closure

  • Before

  • After