"Your Greater Curve bands and technique are terrific.  I really enjoy having the predictable control of achieving proper contact tightness and area with beautiful emergence profile.  For cutting the window, I have had good success with an electric handpiece running at 35000 rpm.  You have made a significant contribution to dentistry.  Thank you."
Dennis Miller, DDS


"These bands are wonderful!  I restored the distal half of an upper cuspid for an elderly woman this morning who couldn't afford a crown.  BEAUTIFUL!  I could never have achieved the contour, contact, and smooth gingival margin with another band.  I use other curved bands with wedges and separating rings frequently, but I tried that first and it collapsed into the prep.  Thanks for coming up with such a useful product and techniques that work!"
Thomas Edmond, DMD


"I use them everyday."
Lou Graham, DDS


"Many of our patients cannot afford optimal treatment at all times and having the means to restore difficult teeth efficiently is certainly another piece of the puzzle.  I recommend adding this inexpensive matrix to your bag of tricks."
Rich Erickson, MS, DDS


"Great product, love it. Attached are before and after photos of an emergency build up performed with greater curve band.  Did this first day we got them.  No way I could have done this without the greater curve band.  I was able to contour and isolate subging with the band."

Tom Snyder, DDS


"You are like a drug dealer. Your bands are the "crack" of dentistry. I tried them and keep finding more uses for them."
"I am now going to go to your web site and order more."
Dave De Rosier, DDS


"Every now and then I come across a unique product that becomes important in solving unique problems.  An absolute must have."
Bruce LeBlanc, DDS


"I've been very happy with the versatility of this oh so simple product.  One of those, “that is so simple, why didn’t I think of that.”
Rich Rosenblatt, DDS


"The bands are so versatile, that they made some once-so-hard-make-you-want-to-slit-your-wrists cases now a piece of cake."
Matthew McMasters, DDS


"Thanks for coming up with a product that makes my life easier!"
Doug Johnson, DDS


"I can honestly say that subconsciously, when I see a tooth with a tough contact situation, I have been getting excited lately.   When I see an OL, I have been bummed.   That is how much I have been enjoying these bands and technique."
Howard Goldstein, DDS


"I have to say these bands are really great!  I have stopped using those fancy, expensive sectional  matrix systems altogether.  Greater curves are easier and way better, no more open contact and fighting rings and wedges.  Thanks again for the best new product this year."
Daniel W. Marcus, DDS


"What a priceless addition to my bag of essentials. A real "must" if one wishes to move up to the next level. An endless number of possibilities here."
Mike F. LeBlanc, DDS