Starter Kit Plus



Product Details

Starter Kit Contents:

  • 100 Standard
  • 50 Micro Thin
  • 50 Wide
  • 50 Micro Wide
  • 50 U-Bands
  • 50 Micro U-Bands
  • 100 Standard Brass
  • 50 Wide Brass
  • 50 U-Band Brass
  • 1 Soft Sided Contra-angle retainer
  • 1 Soft Sided Universal retainer
  • 1 Technique Tool

The Greater Curve Starter Kit Plus offers a complete solution for your composite restoration needs.

Product Details:

Greater Curve tofflemire matrix bands are designed with a unique curve that forms a greater funnel shape enabling the restoration of an anatomical contact point.

The Soft Sided Retainers allow for utmost tightening of the matrix without fear of breaking and ensures a superior seal around the cervical portion of the tooth. 

The Greater Curve Technique Tool provides an opportunity to practice and become proficient at making "contact openings" in the Greater Curve matrix.

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