Very deep subgingival decay on the mesial of an isolated molar

Posted on August 10 2020


A method to handle seemly bottomless sub gingival decay.


Before tooth #14

Tooth #14 is mobile but does provide some support for a metal upper partial. The tooth is asymptomatic. I was late with the camera so I do not have a pre op photo. Caries was deep sub gingival and progressed across the mesial.


Greater Curve U-Band within the retainer. As can be seen in the photo the U-Band has a very exaggerated flare. The U-Band was designed with extra length so it will circumnavigate very large molars. [Please note, I have bent the tails of the band into the threads of the retainer to prevent cutting the patient's lip.]

Band in place

I placed the retainer head at the distal to take advantage of the additional flare of the U-Band. I often discover hidden calculus when using the U-Band. In this case there is a sizable chunk of calculus on the MB corner.

Fill completed

Fill done with bonded Activa. I had isolation and visibility.

Final mesial composite



The tooth has furcation involvement. Patient aware the prognosis for his tooth is limited. Buying time.