Saving a cental with deep subgingival external root resorption.

Posted on May 08 2017



Step 1

Resorption included the pulp.

Greater Curve Standard Band in place

Step 2

I placed the Greater Curve Standard Band before I realized this would be a good case to photograph.


Step 3

Prior to placing the band the gingiva was trimmed with a tissue trimmer. The labial portion of the band was cut down to just above the gingival margin. Traxodent placed along the gingival margin. #15 file is evident inside the prep.

Tissue Trimmer (Axis Dental)

Step 4

The tissue can be trimmed with minimal bleeding occuring.

Light cured glass ionomer

Step 5

Placed around the 15 file. File is kept moving while the Glass ionomer is cured.

Sequence of composite placement

Step 6

Clean and boost, Bonding agent Ptrelude SE, Filtek supreme Ultra A3.5 body snowplowed into Filtek A3.5 flowable. Composite ready for shaping.

Final Class V composite

Step 7


Lingual view of access to root canal.

Step 8


Root Canal access temporary filled with Teflon tape

Step 9

Root Canal access temporary filled with Teflon tape (shown) and Cavit placed over the Teflon tape (not shown). Patient was rescheduled for root canal.