MB #29 Instead of Monster MOB by Dr. Arthur R. Volker

Posted on February 27 2024


This case was completed by Dr. Arthur R. Volker of DentCare Dental Center in Sunnyside, NY.

The patient presented with a mesial lesion under the CEJ. I had often addressed these with a standard box preparation, often burrowing through a large amount of tooth structure in the process.

I had the idea to access the lesion with a facial approach. With the microscope, visibility is good. Once caries are removed, a Wide (9mm) Greater Curve band was placed and a diamond was used to create access for the curing light and the tip of the Dual Cure Composite (Anchor).


Film of mesial lesion

No occlusal caries

Greater Curve Wide matrix in place

Matrix prepared to accommodate tip of Anchor and provide some visualization. To facilitate clean-up, I often use a brownie point to smooth the jagged metal. Was rushing, so did not do that here.

Greater Curve matrix in place




Excess cleaned

Some of the Anchor restorative was cleaned away prior to removing the matrix.

Tip used for Anchor



Unfortunately, we do not have a final photo after the matrix was removed but we wanted to highlight the matrix setup for this difficult case.

Technically, these lesions are a Class II, but restored as though they are a Class III on a posterior tooth. Need to discuss the matter with G.V. Black.

Don't get hung up on the rough metal edges. Doesn't affect the final outcome. It's a disposable item. Polishing can introduce contaminates into the prep. Big time waster.

Don't be afraid to cut away sufficient metal for visibility. The matrix will work just as well.