Matrix within a matrix to seal distal margin

Posted on January 11 2023


The distal decay extended deep onto the root.  As a consequence, I struggled to get the Greater Curve band to extend beyond the distal margin.  This great technique solves these kinds of dilemmas. 

A matrix within a matrix has an additive benefit of properly contouring the composite.  Less finishing will be necessary. 

I learned this trick from others on Dentaltown.  Passing it on.


Matrix within a matrix

Struggled to get the Greater Curve band to go beyond the distal margin. Placed a rounded cut band fragment within the matrix past the margin. Look closely and you can see the piece of stainless within the confines of the Greater Curve matrix.

Band fragment

The band fragment was cut from the middle portion of a Standard Greater Curve band.

Composite placement

The band fragment also kept the composite from extending too far distally. This made shaping the distal simpler, since there was less bulk to cut back.

Final composite