Matrix within a matrix to seal distal margin

Posted on January 02 2018



I Learned this trick from others on Dental Town. Passing it on.

Matrix within a matrix

Step 1

Struggled to get Greater Curve band to go beyond the distal margin. Placed a rounded cut band fragment within the matrix past the margin. Look closely and you can see the piece of stainless within the confines of the GC matrix.

Band Fragment

Step 2

The band fragment was cut from the middle portion of the GC band.


Step 3

Tooth restored with Activa. The band fragment also kept the Activa from extending too far distally. This made shaping the distal simpler. There was less bulk to cut back.

Final Composite

Step 4



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  • Francis samuel : January 09, 2018

    Very helpful technique,thank you.

  • Tyler Heath: January 04, 2018

    Cool…now i can use twice as many GC bands!!
    Great tip..can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hold the light with one hand and push on the distal with a composite instrument to “shape” the band to prevent excessive shaping post cure. This will be used tomorrow in my office.

  • Marshall Bonnie: January 04, 2018

    Way back in time……I would use the spot welder from my neighbor orthodontist to fabricate a band for cases like this. Never thought about just “locking/wedging” in a band fragment. Thanks!

  • John C. Comisi, D.D.S, M.A.G.D.: January 04, 2018

    Very nice methodology Denny! I never stop learning from you.

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