Margin Elevation by Clint K. Taura, DDS

Posted on September 24 2021


This case by Clint Taura, DDS is a wonderful example of how a sectional matrix secured inside a Greater Curve band can provide an excellent subgingival seal and isolation.


Step 1

Endodontically treated 2nd molar has a very deep subgingival prep at the mesial.

Step 2

Greater Curve Standard band surrounds the molar. A sectional matrix is slipped within the Greater Curve matrix at the mesial. This not only provides an excellent seal, it also shapes the composite into a more ideal configuration.

Step 3

Build up composite bonded within the cavity prep.

Step 4

Margin is supragingival 360° thus allowing a very conservative crown prep. Much tooth structure is preserved. The portion of the margin along the mesial is on the newly placed well sealed composite. Makes impression taking very easy. No cord needed. Crown will be bonded when seated.