New Greater Curve U-Band in action

Posted on November 21 2017


Maintaining isolation on a labial access for #22 endo using the new Greataer Curve U-Band.

This case is borderline herodontics. However, I believe it has a good chance for long term success.



Step 1

#22 is abscessed. Caries extends subgingival and apically a good distance down the root.

Introducing the new U-Band

Step 2

A new addition to the Greater Curve line is the U-Band. It provides excellent isolation for Class V preps. (The U-Band will also traverse wide gap Class II"s and can easily fit over large diameter molars.)

Greater Curve U-Band in place

Step 3

Attempted to place an assortment of rubber dam clamps. I was not able to get the clamp prongs beyond the apical extent of the prep margin. The U-Band fit past the apical margin and isolated very well. My intent was to build up the labial so I could place a clamp and rubber dam. However, the U-Band continued to isolate well and I had ample visibility for a labial approach to the root canal. For that reason I decided to not go with a rubber dam.

Master cone fit

Step 4

I was able to irrigate with bleach and keep the tooth free of saliva throughout the shaping and subsequent root canal fill.

Root canal completed

Step 5

There was a small gap along the mesial. I was able to seal the gap with a small silver piece of teflon tape.

Ready to shape

Step 6

A2 Activa (Pulpdent) was bonded to complete the large Class V. Ready to shape once the matrix is removed.

Final restoration

Step 7

Will be interesting to see how the gingiva responds since the attachment is gone. Will need to follow.


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