Keeping the Greater Curve band within the retainer

Posted on January 13 2022


The Greater Curve band flares to the proximal surfaces and provides an excellent seal. However, the band curvature can cause the matrix to migrate out of the slots of the retainer.

Below are two simple methods toward maintaining the Greater Curve band within the retainer.


1st Method

Set up the band with the tails down in the vise. Set the loop end of the matrix high into the slots.

Tails down

With the tails down, the retainer can be tightened a long distance and the band will still remain in the slots.

2nd Method

Turn the retainer upside down so slots are facing occlusally.

(This works well as long as proximal box is not deep. If the proximal box is deep, the curved end of the retainer slots impinge on the gingiva and prevents the band from seating pass the cervical margin.)


Final DOB on tooth #19. Tight contact with width and depth.