Greater Curve Brass band for Anteriors

Posted on September 23 2019


The softer GC Brass band has no bounce back when burnishing. However, it is thin and stiff enough to slide through most  contacts.



Step 1

I will restore 9 & 10.

Preps on 9 & 10

Step 2

Used large bevel across the enamel to increase bond surface.

GC Wide Brass band set up

Step 3

GC Wide Brass band set up. Labial portion has been cut away for access. I prefer over building and cutting back to my desired morphology for 2 reasons: 1) Gets the composite bonded to the tooth faster because I not spending time attempting to perfect the shape.  Time is the enemy of isolation.  2) Eliminates the possible need for an “add on” of composite because you under contoured.

#9 ready for shaping

Step 4

Core was built up with Activa A2. Filtek Supreme A3 an A1 were veneered over the Activa.

I like Activa as a core for 2 reasons: 1) Activa (Pulpdent) is bioactive. 2) The bulk of the restoration can be placed with Activa very quickly.

#10 ready for shaping

Step 5

#10 restoration ready for shaping once the GC Standard Brass is removed. #10 restored in the same manner as was #9.


Step 6

Final restoration. #'s 9 & 10.


Deep Bite

Pt. advised that #'s 9 & 10 composite restorations may fail as did the previous composites due to his very deep bite. Discussed opening his bite. Patient agreed to this more conservative approach for now. Not sure he wants to invest more dollars into his mouth.