Greater Curve Band and Stamp Technique

Posted on July 10 2023


This case was completed by Dr. Sunny in the UK. He offers one day courses in the UK covering the Greater Curve technique.

This is a great challenging case made possible with Greater Curve and the Stamp technique.



Lower right second molar ravaged with caries. Achieving isolation in a tight space is critical. Also, dealing with minimal occlusal clearance.

Composite is added

Composite is added (no bonding) to the deficient areas. Do not waste time shaping. Just slightly overbuild the anticipated occlusal height.

Teflon tape placed

Teflon tape placed over the uncured composite. Patient bites through the soft composite and grinds around (static and dynamic occlusion). The composite is cured through the Teflon tape. Then the tape is removed, final cure and rough finishing of this reference composite is completed. 

Jetbite added

A layer of Jetbite (Coltene) is placed over the teeth to make the stamp.


Lower right second molar pepped.

Greater Curve Standard Band in place

Greater Curve Standard encircles and completely isolates the tooth. Contact opening made at the mesial. Ready to fill.


Final composite restoration

Do not have a photo of stamping the bonded composite into place. Taking the time to photograph the Jetbite stamp in action on a second molar risks contamination of the bonding procedure.


I would expect this tooth to serve the patient well into the future. Dr. Sunny had the tooth isolated well. Also, the short clinical height allows the bonded composite to absorb both lateral and occlusal forces.

Below is a link to a stamp case demonstrating how the stamp is used to place composite: