Extremely difficult lower anteriors

Posted on June 13 2022


This case was completed by Dr. Sunny (@smilesbysunny) from the UK. He offers one day courses (@drecomposite) in the UK covering the Greater Curve technique. Dr. Sunny acknowledges he can now do restorative cases that were nearly impossible to do prior to his introduction to Greater Curve.



Patient was informed that some of these teeth may be non-restorable. The call to restore or not had to be made for each tooth once all the caries were removed.


Teeth isolated with split dam. There was a substantial amount of subgingival decay. Full dam isolation would interfere with the matrix seating. 

Decay removal

The beginning of decay removal.

Caries finder dye


All caries removed

Incisal view

All caries removed.


Wide Band in place

Wide band surrounding left cuspid. Contact opening at distal is very well made with a seamless transition moving across the periphery of the contact opening onto the adjacent bicuspid.

U-Band in place

U-Band on right lateral. Another excellent contact opening. Band removal will be easy since contact opening has been made properly.

Completed restorations

Completed composite restorations of 5 teeth from left cuspid to right lateral.


Very difficult case that was beautifully completed.


This is personal preference and certainty does not affect the outcome, but I would suggest prepping and completing just a few teeth at a time. This will prevent the need to re-anaesthetize teeth that have been left exposed. This method may also be kinder to the pulp due to less prepped exposure time.