Class III CompositeTechniques

Posted on October 23 2019


Class III lesions on #'s 6,7 & 8.

Setup #7

Double Class III's can be completed at the same time. Retainer with Greater Curve Wide set up on the lingual. Matrix cut away intra orally to provide access. I chose to do #7 first because I had enhanced access to refine the interproximal contours.

Setup #6

Set up for #6 is the same as for #7. I had excellent isolation and the matrix provided rounded contours.

Setup #8

Since the contact was broken I made a contact window in the matrix.

#'s 6,7 & 8 completed

Note rounded contours. No wedges needed. Wedges create black triangles.


The Greater Curve technique works well on sub gingival preps. Activa (Pulpdent) was the restorative composite.


  • Bill Starner: July 26, 2020

    Are you making a window through the band at the contact area like you do with Class II’s?

  • Dennis Brown: November 02, 2019

    I do both. If I know for sure I am going to cut away the band I will cut with scissors first. I still have the option to make intra oral modifications.

  • John: October 29, 2019

    Do you cut the band with a scissors or a Burr or do both work well? Thanks

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